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I have a sizeable stash of liquorice and which I shall be distritbuting freely tomorrow in honour of the holiday.

Of course, you'll have to find me first, which might prove tricky as I'm not revealing what my costume will be.

Good luck.
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Er, no.

Caught making out at Hogwarts? by jeansmx
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You where caught the Prefect's Bathroom
making out with...Remus Lupin and Sirius Black
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I'm finding myself in the library rather often again, and though studying is the obvious factor in that, it's not the only one. If you can manage to keep out of Madam Pince's hair, there really are a lot of intriguing things there. 101 Practical Uses of Puffskeins? I didn't know they were good for anything at all. Now, if I ever decide I'd like a sweater of puffskein hair I'll know what to feed them to make them softest.

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Terry, I've got my list of books together and we will have to go book shopping very soon. Hiding seems to be what I do best lately, unfortunately. I need a swift kick in the arse, really.
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Bang! Bang! Shoot me Gavrilo...

Yes, so I disappeared again when I said I wouldn't. Considering classes are starting back up again, though, I'm poking my nose out of my burrow.

And I rather like this song. Take that as you will.
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curly gate

I kinda find...

Things are off to a good start. I'm keeping my word to be more social.

Unfortunately, I'll be cleaning the paint off for quite some time.

Since posting lyrics seems to be in fashion of late, I shall follow suit.

Everyone's just a mess of contradictions
And we all write fictions each day
Angels and devils are the images we use
But they don't mean shit, they just hide the truth away
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